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It’s Time to Let the Damn Genie Out of the Bottle

What the hell does Bellydancing have to do with writing?


Bellydancing has helped me reclaim joy and truth in my body.

I can tap into that divine feminine vibe that’s empowering and clear.

From that freedom, I speak my truth.

I’ve been thinking a lot about shame and how it keeps women from expressing themselves openly.

It’s a problem, for sure.

It reminds me of the genie in the bottle. Particularly the genie from the TV show “I Dream of Jeannie”.

It was one of my favorite shows as a kid. I wanted an outfit like hers and the ability to create whatever I wanted by wiggling my nose.

But now I look back and feel sorry for her.

Beauty, intelligence, and incredible power trapped inside a bottle sitting on some dude’s table.

No thank you.

Do you have a genie inside, longing for you to smash the bottle?

Maybe your bottle is an echo-chamber for that asshole-voice in your head that says, “Excuse me, but who do you think you ARE putting this out there?”.

I’ve dealt with guilt and shame about many things… I spent decades of my life hiding large parts of myself because my shame shadow was lurking in the corner.

Usually with a RedBull and Absolut in her hand.

There were times I allowed myself to be treated less-than.

There were times I was a total jerk.

There were times I allowed myself to act WAY out of alignment with who I really am.

Those memories were holding me back from expressing myself boldly.

Stepping into a public arena of any kind, risking being seen and heard by those who hurt me and by those I’ve hurt has not been easy.

I disconnected with my body in many ways.

This was not a conscious decision. It was a subconscious reaction to the mistakes I made in the past.

I wanted to protect myself and create a thick barrier between who am now and how I acted back then.

But Bellydancing helped set that energy free.

So did Desire Mapping, Shadow Work, Inner Child Work, and Yoga.

Water and Fire.

I needed both to flow freely within me.

That’s why I work with women in the intuitive, “magical” realm before we unwind the story they want to tell.

You have to clear out what’s holding you back before anything can make sense. Otherwise, the copy is full of words that hide and dim your light.

‘Dimming’ words are tricky because they seem wonderful. But actually they’re confusing.

Here’s what I mean:

I’ll help you live a magical life with an aligned business! (uh, wtf does that mean?)


No more feast or famine. I’m going to help you fill your calendar with clients that light you up.

When we use phrases like “magical life”, we’re being vague about the value we can deliver to our clients.

It’s a way we protect ourselves while feeling like we’re communicating a vibe that someone can dig.

Bellydancing, art classes, yoga, hip hop dance classes, meditation… all of them together… so many options!

These modalities heal the energy trapped inside.

Let the damn genie out of the bottle!

Reclaim your self-worth and your freedom in whatever way feels right to you.

Bold, clear messaging will follow.