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Poem Challenge Day 5-7

Sorry! I fell behind in posting my poems here. I’ve been posting them on Instagram—sometimes via video and sometimes writing them out.

This has definitely challenged me and I feel awkward AF! Feeling super vulnerable, but I’m doing it anyway.

We’ve gotta show up.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that you can’t really hear your own voice until it leaves your mouth.

When you say it, you process it and when you process it, it evolves.

The more it evolves, the more truth you discover and share.


Anyway, here’s the latest:


I’ve Gotta Paint

My heart tends to splash over in color.

Sometimes she needs a pen.

Sometimes she needs a keyboard.

Every once in a while, only a paintbrush will do.

She cries out in palettes of watercolor when word’s can’t express how I feel.

Acrylic takes the place of question marks and oil takes the place of commas.

A blank canvas is an empty page, ready to appease my heartshaped color wheel.


No Filter Today

Sometimes I don’t want to be so grownuppy.

I’m a free-spirited girl who experiences sophisticated moments.

Sick of being fancy.

Board with being smart or having the answers—impressing from the start.

I’d rather play with PlayDoh than master sculptural clay.

Let’s laugh and cry and be real right now.

Would you?

Could you?

To hell with all the damn filters.

Whaddya say?


Walking Wounded

There’s the walking wounded and then there’s just the wounded.

We’ve met them.

We’ve been hurt by them.

But we chose to walk—

Walk away from lashing out.

Walk away from gaslighting.

Walk away from lies.

Walk away from the constancy of fine paper cuts you can barely see

but always feel.

Walk away and search for grout that will make sense of the broken pieces

grinding together in our hearts.

Rearranging jagged edges to make something new.

Making a mosaic of beauty.

From a generation of broken promises,

the last thing we want to do is break another promise.

Not to ourselves.

Not to our loved ones.

And we say we’ll never this and never that.

Standing firm in that truth

until we open our mouth

and sound like a jerk.


we’re the walking wounded

not the perfect wounded.

So, instead of never, never, never,

let’s say

I will, I will, I will.

I will apologize.

I will own my mistakes.

I will let you make yours.

I will love you no matter what.