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Poem Challenge Day 8- The Moon is an Introvert

The Moon is an Introvert


A globe of brilliant light

fills the sky

and we feel the undertow of her power.



But only for so long.

She can only take so much of the sun.

She tires of shining and needs some rest.

But she doesn’t want to be rude

or hurt anyone’s feelings


she bows out of the party gracefully.

One minute she’s in the kitchen making drinks.

Silly. Loud. Friendly. Talkative.

Then she’s too busy to talk.

Gotta serve the food.

Next she’s having a deep one-on-one conversation.

Before needing to go get some air.


And then,

you may catch a glimpse of the sliver of her shoe

disappearing out the door.

We know she’ll be back.

In her quiet dark,

she’s working hard.

The tides beckon to her deep magic.

She gives way for everyone else to shine.

Spreading a blanket of stars

over our ever-racing minds

reminding us to be quiet, be still

and feel small again.

Cradled by the reminder of faraway places.

Remembering that we’re not alone.

And we await her return.

All her phases.

The way she was built

in perfect harmony

with the way of the world.

We love her just as she is.