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Poem Challenge Day 9 & 10

Ah, finally! The poem challenge is complete. Ten poems shared and ten ways I’ve felt exposed and vulnerable.

I’m so glad I did this though.

It’s freeing to hear yourself and share it without restraint. Scary, but freeing.

I realized that this exercise is going to help me empathize even more with my clients when they feel overwhelmed by sharing their thoughts and feelings online.

Know what’s interesting?

As I tapped into my heart and let it flow out loud, I started getting inspired downloads about all the different ways I can serve right now.

I even hopped on LIVE in the private Desire Map Facilitators FB Group and spent an hour doing Oracle readings for anyone who needed some ‘refilling’.

Side benefit of creative flow: Because my heart was happy and full, that energy could spill out for others.


More of that, please!





I’m all about it.

How can you boldly express what your heart wants to say right now? What does that look like for you? Is it music, painting, collage, sharing journaling pages, sharing a new yoga flow or meditation? It doesn’t have to be poetry. It simply needs to be something that pushes your boat away from the harbor for a bit.

There’s no telling where the current will take you.


Here are the last two poems from my 10 Day Challenge (they won’t be my last).


Both Hands Open


A life full of “Goodbyes”

is also a life full of “Hellos”.

With still my best to give

my truest self is free to live.

and love

and play

and sing

and dance

with both hands open.

Grab me now while you have the chance.

For ever-upward, I plan to climb

to a place of joy

and summertime.



Shadow work


The plastic dream factory

holds you no more.

There’s no one around to wince at the sound

your loud-mouthed heart wants to make.

This sacred container-

a room with a view.

Who knows how long this will take?

In this moment

at this time

in this place.

Permission for nothing except for some grace.

As you yell

and scream

and laugh

and cry.

For truth-diving hurts in the space of goodbye.

A gold leaf butterfly

now fails to take shape.

As the newer, emboldened

cocoon is opaque.

It mashes and thrashes and forms something new.

Something rare

Something brilliant,


and true.