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Top Three Things You Need to Write Great Copy

When I think of writing great copy, I think of blog posts, articles, and social posts that are compelling. Authentic.

They crack us open.

It’s copy that speaks to the reader’s heart that drives them to action.

Whether that action is laughter, crying, clicking the share button, or clicking to learn more, the words compel change.

Good grammar is important, but it only takes you so far. You can have an entire dictionary memorized and totally master where commas go, but that doesn’t mean you’ll connect with your reader.

So beyond the punctuation basics, here are the top 3 things you need to write great copy. According to me.




These three things are pivotal points in my writing cycle.


1. Intuition- Because your heart is smart.

What idea is ringing a bell throughout your whole being? What does your heart want to say and share without repression or pretense?

Start there.

That’s why so many of my sessions start with an oracle card reading.

It’s important to create a sacred space that quiets the mind and allows the heart to be truly heard.

There are lots of ways to create sacred space beyond oracle cards. That’s what works for me but, even just setting up your writing area with intention can help you tap in.

Meditation works wonders and yoga is incredible with helping us quiet our minds.


Not sure where to start?

Here’s a gorgeous 5 minute Heart Centering Practice by Danielle LaPorte:


Into yoga? Yoga Nidra by Tracee Stanley is an incredible practice that helps you tap into your body and your heart.


When inspiration strikes, don’t let it get swallowed up by editing and branding and keyword research. Those things come with Clarity and Fire.

In this part of the cycle, just WRITE.

Whatever comes to your heart and mind when connecting with your higher-self.

Feeling stuck? Check out The Most Dangerous Writing App. Click on the button that tells you to write without a prompt and set your timer. Once it starts, don’t stop writing, because if you pause for even 5 seconds, the app will erase every single word you wrote. Set your heart free and write like you’re speaking to your best friend. The one person you can say ANYTHING to. Write and write. Get it all out.

Then, give it a rest and let it simmer.



2. Clarity- Because having words running around trying to do all the things just confuses and frustrates your reader.

Have mercy.

Hold your reader’s hand and show them how you can help them without any fancy, distracting shit.

Don’t confuse this with Brevity.

Brevity can sound like a jerk.

For me, in the Intuition phase, I’m writing freely, without much editing and without much filter. Like with The Most Dangerous Writing App.

Then, I give it some time. Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a few days, depending on how muddled my brain is feeling.

Looking at copy with fresh eyes is SO important.

When I look at what I wrote the second time, the Clarity phase, I read to see if anything is vague, redundant, or just poorly written. I edit out what doesn’t serve me or the reader.

I love copy that sounds human so in the Clarity phase, I’m checking to make sure my corporate background isn’t creeping in and sounding robotic.

It’s a tough habit to break!

To help me with all of this, I use the Hemingway Editor.

My style is intuitive, feminine, and flowy, so I don’t aim for perfection with the Hemingway Editor, but it really helps me get rid of superfluous words and sentences.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Clarity over Clever”.

Every. Single. Time.



3. Fire- Don’t get overly attached to what you wrote.

I know, I know… oh, the cleverness of YOU.

After Intuition and Clarity, surely you’re finished, ready to release your masterpiece, right?

Every sentence kicks ass!


Well… maybe.

If you get overly attached to what you write, it can be hard to let it go of what doesn’t really work.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but it’s the truth.

In this final phase, read your writing with the filter of your unemotional mind.

This is where you bring in branding, your customer avatar’s ‘voice’, your core mission, your business goals… etc.

This is a final check for clarity vs clever.

Burn away everything that doesn’t serve your heart and your business.

Then burn away everything that doesn’t serve your reader.

From offers to headlines to your bio—I don’t care how incredible they sound. If they don’t take your reader on a journey that they want to go on, the words are useless.

When viewing your copy from your customer avatar’s perspective, what’s in it for them? Why should they read one more word?

Even your bio needs to show how you can be of service to them.


To sum it up, sometimes, the Fire phase makes you have to go back to the drawing board.

But that’s OK! When you tap into your intuition again, you’ll have new knowledge to bring into the energy. Your heart will have a new understanding and empathy for your reader. It’s amazing how smart our hearts are. The new information will filter into your intuitive flow and can show you how your initial intuitive hit still works, just in a new way.

Every time you give into the flow of this writing cycle, your writing will become more magnetic.

This is writing with the universe.

It’s integrating your higher-self with your earth-self.

As lightworkers, the more we integrate our higher purpose into what we’re offering and communicating, the brighter our planet will be. This cycle helps us bring our purpose to light.